Sometimes big boobs are just THE WORST.
  1. Too small, too small, too small
  2. Okay WHO is this made for?!
  3. Okay but will this stay on my boobs when I inevitably say "watch me cannonball!"
  4. Is everyone going to call me out on this being a Triangl knockoff?
  5. I should probably just buy a Triangl bathing suit
  6. This doesn't even cover half of my butt
  7. What if the bottoms tie on both sides and I don't tie them tight enough
  8. I still have the fear of someone trying to untie the top of my bathing suit (thanks, middle school)
  9. Ugh remember that bathing suit I had sophomore year of high school? Where did that go?
  10. Goodwill, it went to goodwill. It would not fit you anymore.
  11. Okay maybe this one will fit if I just move this that way and then nope now you can see my nipple
  12. Suck in, suck in, suck in
  13. This pattern is so cute! Why are there only bottoms for this? GOD DAMMIT
  14. Fuck it, I'm just going to buy this black one.
  15. Order online and try at home!!! Places like Norma Kamali let u order a bunch and return
    Suggested by @sarahschussheim