1. Do I have bed bugs?
    I live in NY now and the fear is real ya'll. I don't have any bites or any real signs. I'm just extremely, EXTREMELY paranoid. As in, check my bed every night paranoid. If you have bed bug stories, please don't tell me. Only sympathize with my paranoia. I can't handle hearing real life accounts ESPECIALLY if they're New York based.
  2. Is God real?
    Chance the Rapper, Chris Pratt, & Steph Curry seem to think so and I really like those 3 dudes. But being forced to go to church every Sunday growing up and having it shoved down my throat leaves a real bad taste in my mouth. And then I have the terrifying recurring thought "okay so if I don't think God is real and he is, is he gonna be mad at me that I'm doubting him? But the God I wanna believe in wouldn't be mad? But what if I'm just deluding myself into thinking he's real and it's hopeless?"
  3. Did I make a mistake moving to New York?
    I don't think so. But it's too soon to tell.
  4. How do I tell my friend I really like hanging out with him but I don't really wanna be around when he and his friends do coke?
    Really not my scene and feel like it's not gonna ever end well. This shouldn't be hard to say but I'm worried about making him mad at me? But at the end of the day that's his issue and not mine?
  5. What will I do when my Mom dies?
    I've been relying on her a lot lately. I really miss her and don't think I'll ever stop needing her.
  6. Where can I make $2100 and fast?
  7. It's been a rough but great two weeks?