1. When Amy Poehler didn't win.
    Type of cry: temper tantrum. I stood up, threw a pillow across the room, and just started crying and then swearing. I'm sure Veep is wonderful but like are you fucking kidding me?
  2. The montage of all the shows ending.
    Type of cry: gratifying tears. It was a very sweet send off.
  3. Uzo Aduba's speech.
    Type of cry: YAS MAMA. Such a genuine, heartfelt moment. What a beautiful soul.
  4. When Peter Dinklage won.
    Type of cry: I didn't think I would ever see something like this happen in my lifetime, let alone twice. I wish I could more eloquently explain what something like this means to me, but I am not that good of a writer. Representation matters.
  5. Tracy Morgan
    Type of cry: full on sobfest. From the minute he was introduced, I was a fucking wreck. And then the pregnancy joke? Game over. I'm so happy.