1. When Crosby introduced Jabbar to Zeek and Camille
  2. When Amber and Haddie made up in the diner in the middle of nowhere
  3. When the entire family goes to one of the grandkid's sporting events
  4. When Zeek calls one of the kids "grandson" or "granddaughter"
  5. When Max conquered his fears and went trick or treating
  6. When everyone said something at Victor's adoption ceremony
  7. When they throw Amber an impromptu baby shower in the hospital and every woman in the family gives her advice
  8. Crosby and Jasmine's wedding
  9. When Amber tells Zeek she's pregnant
  10. When Crosby tells Julia that he studied her to become a better parent
  11. When Julia comes to the hospital and helps Crosby when Jabbar gets his thumb stuck in a can
  12. When Kristina tells the family at the pizza parlor that she had cancer
  13. When Haddie left for college
  14. When the Bravermans win the Autism walk and Max holds the trophy
  15. When Max dances with that girl at Sarah's wedding
  16. When Camille shows up for Kristina's chemo treatment after her own mother bailed.
  17. When Drew got into Berkley
  18. When Amber got a 2250 on her SAT
  19. When Zeek and Drew bond.
  20. When Crosby watches the video of Jabbar being born.
  21. When Max decides to go to Chambers Academy.
  22. Whenever Adam and Kristina talk to Max about liking girls and his future as a human being.
    Suggested by @lilydiamond
  23. When Julia and Joel got back together.
    Suggested by @RebeccaWalker
  24. When Haddie comes back with a GIRLFRIEND and looks all sexy Patty Smith goes Gossip Girl.
    Suggested by @RebeccaWalker
  25. When Zeek holds baby Zeek for the first time.
  26. Whenever Crosby cries.
  27. Whenever Adam and Sarah bond.
  28. Whenever they all drink together.
  29. Whenever they all dance together
  30. All of the time.