Parameters are that HP must be referenced more than once and a character on the show should genuinely care about it.
  1. Parks and Rec
    Leslie is a huge fan. Forced Ann to watch all 8 movies, asks Diane which house she would be in, paid for a graduation certificate from Hogwarts, tells the Will Forte character that she prefers HP to Twilight, tells Ben that they need to go to the Chamber of Secrets (Commerce). A++++++.
  2. Orange is the New Black
    Taystee frequently references HP. Talks about Goblet of Fire in season 1 and Cedric Diggory got a season 3 shoutout.
  3. Parenthood
    Jabbar and Crosby read all of the books together. When Jasmine and Crosby are split, her doctor bf watches Half-Blood Prince with Jabbar and it really pisses Crosby off so he watches it alone to keep up. Jabbar even gets an HP birthday party in the last season after Crosby and Jasmine can't afford to take him to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  4. The Office
    In "Beach Games", Dwight names his team Gryffindor and Jim retaliates by naming his team "Voldemort". Dwight reads Deathly Hallows to Jim and Pam when they spend the night on Schrute Farm.
  5. Doctor Who
    The 10th Doctor references reading the seventh book and crying. Martha Jones suggest "Expelliarmus" as a word for Shakespeare to use. There's a copy of The Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone on display in the episode "The End of the World".
  6. 30 Rock
    Liz dresses up as Harry for one of Kenneth's Halloween parties. Liz ends up in Wizarding World of Harry Potter jail when she and Jack go to Florida. To be fair, she does get mad at Jack when he first suggests she would want to go to the Wizarding World saying that she likes Star Wars.