Or a study in my immaturity
  1. When you were a kid and you were at a friend's house and you told your friend you were hungry and your friend said "Mom! Hollis is hungry!"
  2. Being the only one to order booze with dinner
  3. Reading your drunk texts in the harsh, sober light of day
  4. When your religious friends tell you to "just pray about it" and you don't have the heart to tell them you stopped believing in that a long time ago
  5. Sleeping in contacts
  6. Being alone with your significant other's parents for the first time
    And really any other time after that. Does this stop at some point? Or were all of my exes' parents just terrifying?
  7. Telling your roommate that you're going to move out/don't want to renew the lease when the time comes
  8. Stilettos
    Wedges for life!! Fuck the patriarchy!!
  9. Being alone in an elevator with one other person
  10. Waking up in a stranger's bed and desperately needing water but the stranger is still sleeping
    Great, time to go to the bathroom and use my hands as some kind of water bowl transport to my mouth
  11. Telling a homeless person you don't have cash even though you have a $20
    I'm sorry, I just really need it 😞😣
  12. When you exit a one-holer public restroom and it still smells like the person before you, who must have severe gastric issues.
    Suggested by @EricElkins
  13. When you're watching a stand up special with friends and the comic makes a joke about little people and you can feel everyone look at you
    This might just be me ??? I like to pretend to flip the table and storm out
  14. Losing someone else's Apple remote