Taken from part of his verse in Nicki Minaj's "Only"
  1. "She say I'm obsessed with thick women and I agree"
    Alright, good stuff. Everybody has passions and Drake's just happens to be thicker women. Also, it's good Nicki and Drake aren't disagreeing about this.
  2. "That's right I like my girls BBW"
    In case you misunderstood him .5 seconds ago, THAT'S RIGHT Drake loves big girls. BBW can mean two things: big, beautiful woman or big, black woman. Drake doesn't make it clear which definition he is going with but either way, you know she gotta be thick!
  3. "The type that wanna suck you dry and then eat some lunch with you"
    Alright, here's where we start to get a little off course. He's implying that after giving him a few BJs, his ideal girl should not be full and should be down to go get some more nutrients. Here's my thing: Drake, any girl you're fucking should be hungry around lunch time. That's a natural, bodily reaction. ESPECIALLY if she has just expelled a bunch of physical energy on your downstairs. Biology 101 should have taught you that jizz should not be substituted for meals. Even for skinny girls.
  4. "So thick that everybody else in the room is so uncomfortable"
    Okay, what?? I think he means like uncomfortable like jealous but choice of words, dude! When I hear that, my mind goes one of two places. 1) The people Drake is hanging out with have some kind of complex and DO NOT like these thicker girls he is bringing around. Or 2) this girl is literally so thick that she has trouble maneuvering around the room so people have to constantly adjust and are, as you guessed it, uncomfortable.
  5. "Ass on Houston, Texas but her face look just like Claire Huxtable"
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    I've heard other rappers reference Houston and the nice-assed women who live there, so that makes sense. And on top of all this, Drake wants his girl to not only be thick, but to also have a face like America's Mom (who hopefully didn't rape anyone). GREAT! More unattainable beauty standards for women!