I've only ever pulled 2 legitimate all nighters in my life. Once was before a theatre costume design final and I had to finish my Sweeney Todd sketches and the other was last night. I DO NOT BOUNCE BACK LIKE I USED TO.
  1. All of the blood in your body turns to sand and you feel like any fluid movement you used to be capable of is now impossible
  2. Your heart races. All day.
    Did you just have to walk more than 10 ft? Prepare to feel like you just swam the Thames
  3. Hot flashes for no apparent reason ??!!
  4. Coffee will work for the first half hour.
    You'll be jazzed. You'll think "This is great! So easy!" And then your drive to work is over and you want to die.
  5. Nausea city. Population: You.
  6. Death will seem closer than ever and you realize that you would welcome him with open arms because you would finally get some fucking rest.
  7. I'M DYING
  8. I have to go to a friend's improv show tonight at 10 pm, you guys. TEN PEE AM.
  9. Your lists lose all sense of coherency because you just can't keep it together anymore.
  10. Bye.