This isn't a list for pity. Just to fill everyone in on the options presented to little people actors and actresses. Shoutout to @sarahgorman for recognizing this problem in her other list!
  1. Omg get it?! Because we'd be playing the heads of the company but it's funny because we're short!!
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  2. Ah yes. Nothing funnier than a good punch to the groin.
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    I've had so many people come up to me and go "if you get mad, isn't it great that you are at eye level and can just punch guys there?" OMG IT'S SO GREAT.
  3. Playing on the whole "freak show" aspect of dwarfism.
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  4. There are little people who literally make their livings pretending to be "mini" versions of celebrities. WHY?! Why is there a market for this and why do little people do this?!
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    I could expand much more on this but I don't feel like it. I think it's a mixture of LP performers low self confidence and belief that that's all we're good/needed for. NOT TRUE.
  5. UGH this is one of my least favorite cliches.
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    When I was in college, one of my sorority parties required that my pledge class dressed up like dolls. I overheard a group of guys talking about how terrifying it was I was dressed like a doll. UGH. MEN ARE THE WORST.
  6. Very funny because we are small and weak and would never normally win a tug o war.
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  7. More of the same. Funny because thugs are usually intimidating and this guy is small!!
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  8. He wants change to come and to be made into a leading man. Because neither of those are applicable to little people.
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  9. Something else to notice? So many of these are for males. The market for female LP actresses is abysmal.
  10. There are no calls for an average character. Everything is focused around height and the joke of it all.
  11. How do we fix this? Peter Dinklage can't do it all himself. We need more respectful writing for little people OR we need casting directors to be willing to see LPs for non-traditional LP roles.
  12. When I was NYC, Marci Phillips brought me in to read for a pilot after an associate of her's saw our play. The part wasn't for an LP but she brought me and another one of my cast members in to read for it! How great is that?!
    If Marci Phillips is on here or you know her, please thank her again profusely for me.
  13. Anyways. Just had to vent.