1. Spent 3 hours in a shuttle trying to get from Newark to Brooklyn
  2. Cried
    I have a really hard time adjusting to new things. I was overwhelmed and didn't eat a single thing from 5 am to 8pm so it's understandable!!
  3. Went to Subway
    Was the closest place to eat to my apartment. I didn't give a fuck. Ate an entire footlong.
  4. Laid in bed and watched 3 hours of Shark Tank.
    I had grand plans to meet up with friends but once I got to my apartment, I said fuck it and laid down.
  5. Took selfies with my Rocket Raccoon stuffed animal that Chris gave me as a going away present.
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    I thought they'd turn out cute and charming. They did not.
  6. Slept in.
    Woke up at 8 am. Realized I had nowhere to be. Slept again until 11:30. It was heaven.
  7. Had coffee on the patio attached to my room.
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    I felt very Brooklyn but it was so cold that I lasted like 2 minutes.
  8. Met up with my friend, Alex, and his boyfriend, Wilson, for lunch!
    I have previously talked about wanting to marry Alex on ListApp. In that time, Alex has come out to me so marriage no longer an option. But Wilson is the nicest and sweetest so like that's the best.
  9. Alex and I spent the rest of the day walking around. We haven't seen each other for more than a day here and there for over 8 years. This was perfection.
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  10. On 45th street, Alex goes "anything you wanna see while we're over here". And I go "ummmm...maybe like, the Richard Rodgers?" And he goes "OH I KNOW all about your Hamilton obsession."
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  11. Had to.
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  12. We also stopped by where my show is going to be!
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    November 6-15th!! Come see us!!
  13. Then we spent an hour in Central Park.
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  14. Where I made Alex stop and look at every landmark that was featured in the Doctor Who episode "The Angels Take Manhattan".
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  15. Pretty city.
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  16. Stopped at a Flatbush market on the way home and grabbed pizza that was featured on Shark Tank because at the root I am a CONSUMER.
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  17. Felt homesick so I called Kelly.
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    We had a lot to say.
  18. Now imma bout to go eat the rest of that pizza cause ya girl DGAF.
  19. jk
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