Stolen from @Nicholas and @ChrisK !!
  1. Scuba Diver
    Pre-school. Still into this idea.
  2. Boss
    I'm not kidding. I told my mom "I wanted to fire people". I was/am a monster.
  3. Actress
    Decided around 2nd grade that this was it for me.
  4. Director/Show runner/Writer
    In 6th grade, a parasite crawled into my brain that told me I would never make it as an actress because there were no little people on television. I figured that if I couldn't be in front of the camera, I would at least be behind it.
  5. Doctor
    In high school, I panicked and decided I wanted to make money. I started studying more in science classes and became determined. Then, on a college visit to University of Indiana, I picked up an MCAT book and had a full on panic attack in the middle of a Barnes and Noble. I started crying and told my Mom that I didn't want to be a doctor, I just wanted to b able to take care of my family. She told me that she never stopped believing in me becoming an actress.
  6. Actress
    In college, I was still acting all of the time and writing very little of the time, but I still insisted I had to be a writer. After my final musical theatre performance, my then boyfriend's Mom took me aside and basically asked me "who the fuck I was kidding". She told me that there was no reason I shouldn't be pursuing this. Then Game of Thrones premiered and my world got fucking rocked. Dinklage was doing it! He won his Emmy the night before I moved to LA. I cried for an hour.