I just wanna get my coffee and get out!!!
  1. I have no idea what I want! Hahah!
    Take your time, it's not like you've had 6 minutes to think about it!
  2. Hmmmmmm.
    See above.
  3. I just can't decide!
    How about I decide for you?
  4. What kind of syrup flavors do you have?
    What kind of mystery flavors do you think they're hiding back there?! Birthday cake? Roast beef? Vodka? It's the same flavors they've always had!
  5. I wish you still had your Holiday drinks!
    They don't, MOVE ON!!
  6. [into a cell phone]: Okay, honey, can you put Daddy on the phone? Ask him what he wants from Coffee Bean. Honey? Can you ask him?
    He's your husband/partner! You should know what he wants! Anticipate his needs! Or go to couples counseling, I don't care, just order the damn coffee.
  7. What do you recommend if I don't like the taste of coffee?
    A juice bar. Get out of Coffee Bean.