1. What do you do if you feel the whispers of a cold coming on?
    I have my birthday party this Saturday and a Disneyland day on Sunday so this needs to GTFO
  2. L52
    Few drops in your water ! saved my life a lot ! (No idea if it's the US or its American equivalence but I'm sure google can !)
    Suggested by @Lisa_Fav
  3. Tea with fresh ginger, lemon juice, and honey.
    Drink it multiple times a day.
    Suggested by @shainadesai
  4. Kick-Ass Immune
    I used to be very skeptical of herbal remedies, but all I know is that I've taken this many times at what feels like the first signs of a cold, and then ended up getting over it in like a day. I hope they have it in your area, not sure if it's just local to CO.
    Suggested by @jennyanydots
  5. I chug some organic orange juice.
    I think it's more mental than anything. Be well!
    Suggested by @amieshmamie
  6. Static
    Suggested by @cvlop61
  7. 3 to 4 drops of oregano oil (diluted with olive oil) a few times a day! It knocks everything out! Also, Epsom salt baths with peppermint or ginger.
    Suggested by @AlexaN
  8. Zinc cold remedy/zicam
    I take these as soon as I start to get that throat tickle and it works 9 time out of 10!
    Suggested by @sssssssss
  9. Enough Vitamin C and B for your pee to go luminous yellow, with lots of water. Gargle with salt water if your throat has a tickle. Also as much sleep as possible.
    Suggested by @barefootmeds
  10. Breathe right strips.
    Wear one while you're sleeping or just alone in your house, and lather your lips with Vaseline. They don't stop your cold, but they'll help prevent super chapped lips. Cold beauty secrets.
    Suggested by @MirandaBerman
  11. Zicam
    Suggested by @andlamb
  12. Static
    Suggested by @kiraandlulu
  13. Static
    Comes chewable or dissolvable or whatever else but point is it has worked for me and my family many times - throw in some tea honey and lemon on top of it and learn your symptoms and your body and when to hit it with what!
    Suggested by @michael_circa91