I know, guys. I'm trying.
  1. Diet Coke. You merciless, addictive bitch.
  2. Sugar in my coffee. I wean myself, then I fall off again. At least it's not aspartame, right? (Right?)
    Also: Hazelnut lattes from Starbucks when I treat myself. (Stop treating yourself! You've treated yourself for 33 years.)
  3. Antiperspirant. I keep coming back to you. My confidence suffers without you! I wish I could quit you.
  4. Plastic stuff. I am much more aware of BPA and the type of plastic, the effects of heat, etc, but I can't get rid of it entirely.
  5. Candy Crush. It's the worst way to spend my rare free time. Mindless blather. I've deleted it twice from my phone already.