1. I stumbled on ListApp one day by accident.
    I'm a huge fan of @Bourdain. I saw one of his lists on Facebook and followed it to the ListApp.
  2. I was amazed at what I found here.
    People were so honest and forthcoming. I didn't see any drama. Whatever this was, it was different than anything I had experienced before.
  3. It took a few days before I wrote anything.
    But when I did, I was amazed at how easily my words flowed. I am usually so introverted, but I found myself opening up in a way that I usually don't.
  4. This community has become my safe haven.
    I have found myself sharing things with all of you that I usually don't talk about. It's so cathartic, knowing that I can write about things I normally hold inside.
  5. I love our common bonds.
    It seems that all of us on here find some way to connect with each other, from @nathanveshecco and his music lists to @lesbian and her sex lists and I love you's! Not to forget @shanaz and her amazing art and touching stories about her son, @DanaDigsYou and her amazingly frank stories, and all the other people who I adore..we are all connected through our experiences. I wish I could name every one but I'm emotional right now, and I have a bad memory!
  6. I came here thinking no one would notice me.
    As an introvert, I usually try to go unnoticed. I truly thought I would come here, write a few things, and no one would really see me. I was okay with that.
  7. Today, I reached 100 followers.
    I am completely humbled. I have no words. I love being part of the ListApp community. I love getting to know each of you one list at a time. And I love letting people get to know me (that's so new for me). I just love you all. ❤️❤️❤️
  8. Thank you for accepting me as I am
    It's a huge thing in this world to be accepted, just as you are, for who you are. I think that's what we give each other. I know that's what I feel from everyone here. I feel like I have found my people!