Inspired by @DG and everyone else. Mine truly are at random because (for some unknown reason) I cannot see my pictures when I try to add them on The List. All that I see is blank squares. It's always a surprise when I click on a picture as to what it's going to be. 😊
  1. Mother's Day gift made by my best friend
    My best friend surprised me with several gifts on Mother's Day. This cupcake bouquet was one of them. I love it! The cupcakes were delicious! Thank you @ShawnnaJo
  2. Elvis
    This is my dog Elvis. Love, love this dog with my whole heart!
  3. Me and Shawnna at karaoke
    This is me and @ShawnnaJo with one of our dear friends at karaoke a few years ago. We always have fun, no matter what we are doing.
  4. Gordie at White Sox Game
    Last year I got to take @gordie13 to his first MLB game. Unfortunately, the Sox did not have near as good a year last year as they are this year!
  5. Willie Nelson
    This is my other dog, the infamous Willie Nelson. He can be a little temperamental, but I adore him!!