1. I don't know who brought it in my house...
  2. I have been trying to stick to a whole food diet.
  3. Avoiding processed foods.
  4. I was hungry and a little bitchy. I needed comfort food.
  5. I was looking in my cabinets when I first noticed it.
  6. I was immediately flooded with childhood memories.
  7. I remember the way the kitchen would smell when mom would fry some for a treat.
  8. Without a second thought, I grabbed the can.
  9. I fried..FRIED!...the entire can...I made enough so that everyone would be eating this loaded with sodium, no known nutritional value treat.
  10. To make matters worse, I put it on white, buttered toast... No whole grains today!
  11. I did not even sit down! I stood right there, in my kitchen, and ate my sandwich. No fucks given.
  12. SPAM! I ate SPAM! 😮
  13. Of all the comfort foods...of all the ways I could have strayed away from my healthy diet...I chose fried spam?
  14. And I enjoyed it! No walk of shame for this woman...nope...no way.
  15. I'm just going to hide the evidence, not speak of it to anyone, and keep this little gem all to myself.
  16. I still want to know how it got in my house, though.
  17. Am I now not only a spam glutton but a spam thief?