1. This is Willie (as in Nelson)
    He is my trouble child. He gets into everything. He eats everything. This dog has eaten everything from pens to drywall, remote battery covers to Legos.
  2. This, as most of you know, is Elvis.
    Elvis is a sweet, innocent, playful guy. He generally doesn't cause trouble.
  3. Tonight, Elvis sauntered in my room acting suspicious.
    He jumped on my bed and winked several times. He just had a cat who ate the canary kind of look on his face.
  4. Willie wasn't far behind him.
    And Willie had such a guilty look on his face! Do you see that look? And his face looks all dirty and sticky!
  5. Willie ain't talking!
    I am trying to figure out what he got in to, but he isn't giving it up. Whatever it is, I am beginning to fear it will never come off his fur.
  6. Elvis isn't saying much.
    But he looks happy that it's Willie in trouble and not him. However, I highly suspect that whatever happened, they were in on it together. Willie is just wearing the evidence.
  7. They tag teamed the garbage!
    And apparently Willie feasted on biscuits, gravy, hash browns and eggs. I'm sure Elvis had something as well, but he wasn't wearing any evidence. Willie, however, was a walking crime scene.
  8. In the end, all turned out well.
    Willie got a much needed facial trim and bath, plus the puppies got a treat. (One I wouldn't normally give them but that's okay.)