My Valentine for @magic
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    When I am drinking my coffee in the morning, I usually start my day with ListApp.
    I am always on the lookout for new lists by you! 😊
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    Your lists make my day!
    I love the drunk burrito love, the lists about your cat, and the lists that turn everyday happenings into memorable events.
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    And just when I thought I was getting to know your personality through your lists, you shared your music.
    I was going through a hard time when I heard your song Eclipsed on SoundCloud. I was moved to tears.
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    You have a way of reaching people.
    I am not sure if you even realize it, but it seems to me that you have a gift. You have this ability to reach out with and connect with people, whether it be through humor, personal revelations, or music. I admire that.
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    Here's to you, Sam!
    Thank you for all the laughter, the random thoughts, the tears, and the beautiful music that you bring to the ListApp.
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    Happy Valentine's Day!
    I hope it's the best Valentine's Day ever. In the history of Valentine's Days. Like one that has to be recorded in history books. I hope it's so good the @bjnovak wishes he could be you for the day! 😋❤️