Inspired by @k8mcgarry
  1. Laughed until you cried?
  2. Stayed out all night with someone to watch the sunrise?
  3. Danced/walked/played in the rain?
  4. Sat outside at night, looking for shooting stars and making wishes?
  5. Done an anonymous act of kindness for someone, just for kindness sake?
  6. Shrugged off all your responsibilities just to spend time with someone you care about?
  7. Shrugged off all your responsibilities just to have some time for yourself?
  8. Done that one thing you always wanted to do?
  9. Said that one thing that you felt always needed to be said?
  10. Why not????
  11. DO IT!!!!
  12. Do everything now, while you can!
    Life is precious and can change in an instant. Treasure each moment.
  13. Laugh until it hurts!
  14. Hug your friends and your family!
  15. Listen to your music loud and proud!
  16. Go places, do things!
  17. Don't wait for tomorrow!
  18. Live your life today, and live it fully!
  19. Have fun!
  20. Live with INTENTION!
  21. Go! Do it now!
    But don't forget to about it later because we want to hear about everything you do 😂😂