1. Everyone, this is Gordie...
    We have been together for three and a half years. He is my best friend and my rock, although he can drive me crazy 😊. We have been through a lot in the time we've been together, including my many hospital stays, two moves, and a one month breakup (which I listed about).
  2. I had not told anyone on The List we are back together
    At one point in time, we almost lost each other because we got to an unhealthy place in our relationship. When he left, I felt like I could breathe. I could also think. I then had to hold myself accountable for the shape of our relationship, not just him. That was one of the hardest things I had ever done. We started talking from an honest, raw place, both owning our mistakes, not placing blame. We weren't trying to save our relationship. We were trying to understand what happened to us.
  3. Funny things happen when you communicate
    We started to remember why we loved each other in the first place. We decided we didn't want to go back to the way things used to be, because led us to where we were. We wanted to do things differently, learn new behaviors, love each other with intention. So, with the promise of counseling to help us stay on that path, we got back together. I just didn't share the information until I was ready. It was too precious.
  4. Now I'm ready!
    I'm so ready for share the information with y'all, this community of people that have listened and supported me, that Gordie @gordie13 is the first person in my real life that is joining the List.
  5. He is kind of nervous and a little shy
    I recommended people for him to follow, but I am sure he will probably be quiet for a little while.
  6. So everyone, meet Gordie!
    He is into music, tattoos, games, etc. I would like to say he is just like me, but that could not be further from the truth. He is INFP/ISFP. He keeps me balanced, shakes things up for me a little bit. You want to get him to talk? Ask him about the Grateful Dead, Gwar, Tattoos (which he does), piercings, or really anything, except Pink Floyd. He doesn't like Pink Floyd, and it's a sore subject for him, and a source of constant teasing from me (hence the mention here).