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    I've been on an unintentional ListApp break.
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    I was in the hospital and have had a few issues with my health.
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    Typical INFJ, I went into hermit mode until I could put things into proper perspective.
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    The time away only made me realize how much I enjoy having the ListApp community as an outlet.
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    I have missed everyone so much!
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    I missed @lesbian oml's and ily's...That always brightens my day!
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    I missed @shanaz and the way she seems to list so much that is relevant to my life, just when I need it!
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    I missed @Lisa_Fav and the way she always makes me smile...makes me think.
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    I missed @nathanveshecco and his music inspired list! I also miss the list requests! It's not often I can be pushed out of my safety zone and like it, but Nathan does it in a way that makes the challenge fun 😊❤️!
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    @margaretyoko I have missed the daily dose of kindness and compassion that you bring in this world. You make this world a better place.
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    @franksars @erikaaa @DanaDigsYou @magic You all bring laughter to my life...thank you for that!
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    @Malpal @kcupcaker @yikes @dustinboone @joemurphy @nelle @abbsolutelyNot @gwcoffey @reconditioner @katiesham @Lindi @bredee @hpryfogle @sarahgorman @biz @kate81 @TQ @ErinFlaherty @CaitlinD @duckstar85 @olive @13spencer @alligeeshow @soph @magic You have all made my day better somehow, in your own way. ❤️😊
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    I wish I could name everyone on here, but my memory is not that great...suffice it to say I have yet to have a negative experience in this community.
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    If I didn't mention you, please know that I still thank you!
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    I just think that sometimes we forget to tell people that we appreciate them or that they have touched our lives.
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    So, please allow me a moment of sentimentality to say that you have each made me smile, think, laugh, or feel. I appreciate that, and I appreciate each of you.
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    Now, I am done being sappy! ❤️😘