1. I don't let myself get drunk very often
  2. I'm always the one who takes care of everyone else
  3. Tonight, I decided the world is on its own.
  4. My life has been upside-down lately.
  5. I deserve one night of the I don't give a shits.
  6. If I post sappy comments tonight, please excuse them.
  7. The ListApp community has been part of my strength through this really hard time in my life.
  8. I'm not usually very mushy, but I love each of you so much!
  9. Your lists have brightened up these very dark days.
  10. So here's to all of you (I'm taking a shot, by the way).
  11. Thank you for always supporting me.
  12. Yup...I've now arrived at the sappy, I love everyone, level of drunk.
  13. But I really do!
  14. I'm probably going to delete this tomorrow!
  15. But for now...bottoms up list appers...
  16. Thank you for giving me a safe place in this world.
  17. And tomorrow...lie to me and tell me I acted like a lady should, with dignity and grace. 😋
  18. Now...time to drink more ...