1. I haven't been able to paint lately.
  2. I'm still pretty new at it, so my paintings are kinda rough.
  3. I need to paint...I really need to...I can feel it.
  4. But I've lacked inspiration lately.
  5. Please help?
  6. Can you suggest ideas?
  7. My paintings will probably look nothing like what you send.
  8. I'll just call it abstract.
  9. At least I will get to practice...maybe get better 😊
  10. You all inspire me so much already!
  11. Don't judge too harshly because I have only been painting a few months, but here are a few I've done.
  12. Now I'm kinda embarrassed and feeling rather exposed...but I share everything else on here, so why not?
  13. Okay...please...help?
  14. Keep a dream journal and paint scenes and characters from your dream.
    Suggested by @elizabeef
  15. Paint whatever comes to mind when you focus completely on one feeling, can be "loneliness" or "joy" or even "being picked last for a team" or "accomplishing that thing you worked hard on", etc etc etc. Hope this helps! Your paintings are lovely 💕
    Suggested by @aubreyljohnson
  16. I like to go on deviant art/pinterest and look at other people's art to get me thinking of different ideas and themes and things. Also, walking in nature always inspires me!
    Suggested by @bredee
  17. Dark Water
    Suggested by @chriscady
  18. Play solitary pictionary. Randomly open a dictionary to any page, close your eyes, put your finger on a word, and paint whatever you land on. Repeat as needed.
    Suggested by @elizabeef