Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. There was a man I loved with my whole heart for most of my life.
  2. We knew each other for over 20 years. I loved him from the start of our friendship, and he loved me.
  3. They say timing is everything, and our timing sucked. We were best friends, Todd and me...and we had another best friend Scott. Scott didn't like that Todd and I had feelings for each other, so we hid our feelings.
  4. We dated each other in "secret" for over a year, until it became too much. We had been in love with each other for over ten years at this point. I knew it was tearing him apart to choose between us and our friendship with Scott. I decided to let our relationship go.
  5. I moved out of state. He was the only person I told goodbye. He told me he was getting married, and I was happy for him, but it hurt. We both knew that we had a once in a lifetime love. We even said that then. He promised I would see him again.
  6. While I lived out of state I kept up with him through mutual friends. I had to know he was ok. I needed to know he was happy.
  7. I moved back home after 7 years and started trying to reconnect with him, just as a friend. I called Scott. Scott told me Todd was separated.
  8. He told me he didn't know how to find Todd. He lied to me. I knew I needed to find him. I just wanted him to know I was back, my life was working out okay. I wanted to know that he was okay.
  9. He was my friend. Todd was the first man I truly loved. I tried to find him.
  10. Scott called me on a Saturday night to tell me that he knew where he was. They had found his body under the 210 bridge
  11. I tried to find him.
  12. My greatest regret was ever letting him go.