Requested by @BWN_7
  1. Music has always been a huge part of my life
    I have been surrounded by it for as long as I remember.
  2. I was exposed to many different genres of music.
    There were five kids in my family with a twelve year age difference. The musical tastes ran from country to folk to rock to anything in between. I loved it all.
  3. But my mom had three main men: Otis Redding, Elvis Presley, and Gordon Lightfoot.
    She listened to all kids of music, but these three were her go to guys.
  4. I loved them all as well.
    And I still do!
  5. I never got to see Otis in concert. He died years before I was born. I did see Elvis, but I was too young to remember.
    I think I actually went to several Elvis concerts as a small child. My mom was one of those fans that made the pilgrimage to Vegas to see him once a year since before she had me. She still has his scarf.
  6. When I was 11, my mom took us to see Gordon Lightfoot.
    It was my sister Beth, who is 10 years older than me, my sister Michelle, who is 2 years older, my mom and her then husband.
  7. Gordon Lightfoot was (and still is) one of my favorite singer/songwriters.
    I am listening to him as I write this 😊
  8. The entire show was amazing! It's the first concert I actually remember.
    The venue was small. Our seats were close. It was no frills, acoustic, just a man, his band and his songs. And he played for three hours.
  9. When he was done, my older sister Beth told us to wait at our seats.
    Now, understand this was 1981. Things were more laid back then. My sister was a very pretty, skinny, blonde. She also has a way of talking herself into, and out of, any situation she chooses.
  10. She walked up towards the front, where the stage was and just POOF! We lost sight of Beth.
    After about fifteen minutes, my mom was getting really worried. She was also getting a little pissy. She had no idea what my sister was up to this time.
  11. And then my sister showed up with this big grin on her face, a man by her side, and a plastic tag on her shirt.
    It seems my sister took it upon herself to walk backstage, acting like she belonged there. She proceeded to walk around until she found Gordon Lightfoot's dressing room. She walked in and convinced the man he needed to meet my mom because she was one of his biggest fans. And if not mistaken, he was getting dressed at the time. But it worked.
  12. Our family was escorted back stage to meet Gordon Lightfoot.
    He was the most down to earth man you can imagine. He spent probably half an hour or longer with our family. He told my mom that he had to meet the woman who could raise a daughter who was brave enough to just walk backstage after a concert and into his dressing room.
  13. That night, Gordon Lightfoot became more than a voice on the radio to me. He became a man. A nice man.
    He talked to all of us like we were real people, not just fans. This multi-platinum artist was standing there laughing with us. One part that I remember most clearly is that he was telling a dirty joke and because I was so young, he would cover my ears during all of the joke, except the punch line. I have spent years trying to figure out what the rest of the joke was. He also talked with me about music. He talked with me like I mattered. I never forgot that.
  14. It was perhaps the perfect night for a little girl in love with music.
    There are so many things I could pick to go back and relive, so many precious memories that I am sure fade will fade more with time. It was this night, however, that everything I always wanted to believe about music was proven true. The voice I heard on the other side of the radio, it wasn't some disembodied stranger. It was someone just like me. It was someone who thought like me, felt like me, laughed like me, cried like me.
  15. Thank you @BWN_7 for this request.
    I didn't have to go back in time to relive it. I have relived it just by writing this list!