A couple of months ago, my dog Elvis was attacked by another dog while we were out for a walk. MY HEART BROKE TODAY I wanted to update everyone on his progress.
  1. Elvis has always been beautiful, inside and out.
    This was Elvis before the attack. I rescued Elvis when I was in a wheelchair. He trained himself to my chair and, later, to my walker. I truly believe that he is a big part of the reason I was able to get out of the wheelchair as soon as I did. Elvis is great therapy for me.
  2. Elvis after the attack.
    He had surgery on his shoulder. He had several other marks.
  3. His head, eye, neck and face were all damaged as well.
    I was afraid that he would be different as well. He has always had the sweetest disposition. I didn't want his spirit broken. It was my turn to help him like he helped me.
  4. This is Elvis today!
    His body is healed!
  5. He is feisty now!
    As you can tell from the bed that is all a mess, he is now full of energy. He is playing like a puppy now. This evening he unmade my bed, balled up the covers, dragged his play pillows on to my bed. His spirit is definitely not broken!
  6. He is perfect!
    Actually, he is a little spoiled. After destroying my room and my bed, he decided to try taking my pillow case off. At some point, he gave up and just decided to take my pillow over. 😊
  7. Take that, you mean ass dog that hurt my Elvis!
    Elvis is going to be just fine! So there!