I am usually to shy to dress up for Halloween, much less enter a contest. But this year, I was feeling inspired and decided to get out of my comfort zone.
  1. This is me on a normal day
  2. This is my boyfriend Gordie
  3. This was us last night
    I wish I had a picture of our full costume. I had tattoo sleeves on to match his tattoos. We were wearing the same shirt and the same fingerless leather gloves. The only thing that wasn't the same was our shoes
  4. It was a fun night!
    The bar that held the Halloween party also had karaoke last night. There was a round for the costume contestants to sing a song that pertained to their costume, a theme round of sorts. This was done right before the contest. I had no idea what song could explain my costume. Then it hit me! Since I came dressed as my boyfriend, I sang "I Touch Myself by the Divinyls." I had Gordie come up with me as I sang and used him as a prop. 😂😂😂
  5. Sometimes, it good to get out of your comfort zone
    I had more fun last night than I have had in ages! Winning the contest was awesome, but just the entire night was a blast. I love that no one recognized me. We just had so much fun with the whole thing. I almost felt like an extrovert for the night. Almost. 😊