🚨🚨Trigger warning 🚨🚨Political opinion follows.
  1. I'm still holding out hope that this isn't over yet.
  2. But for this election to be this close scares the shit out of me.
  3. To think so many people in our country voted for Trump/Pence
  4. I am so afraid for unity of our country.
    I think a lot of what has propelled Trump's campaign was he played on people's fears and prejudices. He is a racist, and I am so afraid of what having someone like him in office would do to our country. He wants to build a wall around us, but I'm so afraid he is going to divide our nation by race, gender, sexual orientation, income, etc. His campaign has pit so many against each other. What does that say about our nation that we would elect someone who is fueled by hate for other people?
  5. I'm afraid to be a woman in our country.
    Both Trump and Pence are misogynistic. Pence is in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood. He has also stated that women deserve lower wages than men. And everyone knows how Trump feels about women. He makes sure of it.
  6. I'm afraid for my LGBTQ friends and my friends who are in same sex marriages.
    I live in Indiana. Mike Pence not only open opposes same sex marriage, he also attempted to have any couple who applied for marriage license arrested. And don't get me started on his Religious Freedom Restoration Act that he passed in Indiana. It was a nightmare.
  7. I'm afraid of so many things about this.
    I think these two men together are going to be something more than we've bargained for, and not in a good way.
  8. I'm afraid of what the future holds for our kids and grandkids.
    If this election could be this close, then something is very wrong with our country. I honestly feel like more people got their information on candidates from social media and memes than from actually research. I wonder how this election would have turned out if we didn't have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Don't get be wrong, I'm obviously not opposed to any of these, but I am afraid that a lot of people take everything they read as the truth.
  9. I'm just afraid.
  10. I think we all should be.