Accidental Collections

I accidentally collect these things and I don't know how.
  1. Contact lens cases
    Mostly in green/white and blue/white, like shown.
  2. Clothespins
    Cute, decorated ones from Target and Michaels - some are even mini and basically pointless.
  3. Washcloths
    I can get a new one everyday and not have to do laundry for a month. Not kidding.
  4. Children's artwork
    I always feel guilty throwing it away but it totally stacks up. 😩
  5. Grocery bags
    Cloth, paper, AND plastic.
  6. Pillows
    Normal, full-sized ones. There's literally 16 on my bed at my parents' and 4 on my twin dorm bed. I only remember ever buying two.
  7. K-Cups
    I do not use my Keurig very often because every semester I have $600 in "munch money" and since I'm allergic to everything I can basically only use it on lattes (I can't waive the meal plan). But this comes in handy on snow days!
  8. Decorative butterflies
    I live in the suburban south and lots of people like butterflies, I guess. I've gotten a lot of these from the decoration on the fronts of presents and things like that, I don't really know. This is one side of my curtains, but they're all over the other side, my bookshelf, and my wall of pictures as well. There's well over 20 and they're all different (most are glittery).