Favorite to least favorite, based on my VERY limited knowledge of their careers and personalities. Also, I've never seen a superhero movie so that has no influence.
  1. Chris Pratt
    I mean, of course he's #1. I'm obsessed with him and his personality and his family and Andy on Parks and Rec and I can't get over it.
  2. Chris Evans
    He seems like such a sweet guy from the few interviews and Anna Faris's podcast I've listened to and I love that he is dating Jenny Slate.
  3. Chris Pine
    My love started with Princess Diaries 2 and continued with Into the Woods. Those EYES.
  4. Chris Rock
    Super funny and makes me feel like I'm his friend somehow. I loved Everybody Hates Chris in my middle school years and really need to find it and rewatch and get my sister into it.
  5. Chris Hemsworth
    I love a family man, especially one who is super hot and seems really kind and down to earth. I don't like him with long hair though.
  6. Chris Messina
    The Mindy Project is one of my favorite shows and though his character can be a jerk, I love how he plays him. I'm always excited to watch something when I realize he's in it.
  7. Chris Farley
    Super funny from what I've seen, but I know nothing about his personality and little of his work. So sad though.
  8. Chris Martin
    I don't really like most of Coldplay's songs but he seems like a fine person.
  9. Chris Daughtry
    I didn't NOT like him in American Idol.
  10. Chris Colfer
    Eh, don't know if he'll ever get past the Glee barrier in my brain enough for me to like him.
  11. Chris Christie
    Just no.
  12. Chris Brown
    Can't get past the abuse thing so he's after Christie but I will admit I really loved him in middle school.