I love her SO much. ❤️
  1. She gave seven people lives.
    I'm the oldest of 6 kids, but she had another child 6 years before she married my dad and had me. She got super drunk at a party when she was 21 and woke up next to a stranger. A few weeks later she realized she was pregnant, but decided (against what everyone around her advised) to carry the baby to term. She gave him up for adoption because she knew she couldn't care for him like a child deserves. He was able to be raised by incredible people. They talk often now, it makes me so happy for her.
  2. She will send my food back for me if they get it wrong and I feel guilty, even if it means 3 managers and 4 servers end up having to deal with us. 😬
    (It can be hard for them to remember gluten free = no bread. Happened today, which is why it's on the list.)
  3. She brought candy canes for us both for a two hour car ride and ate hers while she drove.
    I'm 21 and she's 48.
  4. She hates to cook but loves to bake, so there are always a million desserts in the house.
    Both gluten-free and gluten-filled, because my family is split 4 and 4.
  5. She named me Holly even though I was born on Easter because she fell in love with the name during Christmas time.
  6. She's a preschool teacher and totally treats those kids like her own.
  7. She lets me be a bitch to her and doesn't take it to heart.
    I don't know how she made it through my teen years without hating me.
  8. She has been married to my dad for almost 22 years and says she's even more in love with him than when she met him.
    You don't know how thankful I am that I have such a good example of love from my parents, and what that has meant for our family dynamic. I'm so, so grateful for their choice to love each other.
  9. She showed me musicals from such a young age so I grew up with a great respect for the emotions music can evoke.
    But also had recurring nightmares that I was being chased by Nazis in a prison at age 4 (thanks Sound of Music).
  10. She's my best friend.
  11. She sent me bubbles and a coloring book in a care package my first semester of college.
    And had no idea why I would find it humorous in any way. To her, they're just necessities.
  12. She accidentally texts me instead of my siblings with whom she is actually in the middle of a conversation with.
    Exhibit A - there was nothing sent before this. I may have to make a whole list dedicated to her texts.
  13. She has super curly hair.
  14. She spends her only day off with no kids at home - Friday - driving an elderly lady to church and back to her nursing home.
    We're not even related to her and both locations are really out of her way.
  15. She has such a great attitude about life - she's one of those parents who wouldn't let me kill myself over school and insisted on "mental health days" at least once a month. I wish my personality was more like hers in that way, but I'm just an anxious person.
  16. I could go on and on and on but we're going to go watch a movie together so I'll leave it here.