The other day when my roommate's cousin Caroline spent the night with us, I asked her why we don't have school on Monday. This is her understanding of "Marther Luther King" Day:
  1. "Marther Luther King was a super good guy who wanted everybody to be allowed to be friends.
  2. Back then black people and white people couldn't be friends even if they wanted because white people decided black people were different in the bad way, not the good way. And that they had to swim in different pools and drink different water.
  3. And so Marther Luther King Jr. decided to make his voice loud and say something about it so white people would realize that they were being mean.
  4. He's like a superhero! Holly, can I have paper and sharpies so I can draw Marther Luther King as a superhero?"
  5. (Side note: by the time she finished, she forgot what she wanted to draw and half-drew a beak-less bird instead.)
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  6. "So he made a very famous speech and lots of other speeches and worked with his friends to make everyone equalized.
  7. Lots of black people helped but some didn't, and some white people helped but lots didn't.
  8. But now we're doing a better job at it and we're all allowed to be friends! Like Quinta and me!
  9. And we can go to school together because Marther Luther and his friends made us be able to.
  10. And we don't have school to celebrate we can have school. Isn't that great?"