Sidenote: I had to steal most of these photos from Instagram so sorry about the quality.
  1. Me
    I got all the blonde genes from Mom's side. This is the most current picture before the sun lightens it up this summer. (You don't get my face because all my pictures recently disappeared off my phone and I don't put selfies on Instagram, so this is all I got. I'm in the next one though.)
  2. Mom
    Used to be blonder, but now she always has some sort of highlight/lowlight situation going on to keep her that way. And it happens so often basically every picture I have is a little bit different.
  3. Lizzie
    What was once blonde is now so much darker, but in pictures other than this one you can still tell blonde remains. I just couldn't find a better or more recent picture.
  4. Tommy
    Also used to be blonde.
  5. Timmy
    ALSO used to be blonde. He and Tommy could be interchanged, but he has more hair so it's more noticeably dark.
  6. Amanda
    She has always had hair this color, never darker, though it looks like the same color that Lizzie and the boys have now. That's the only reason why she's behind them all in the list. The sun is shining most of her hair and she's never highlighted it, but the top of her hair shows the true color.
  7. Jenn
    The poor fifth child is the only one who ended up with my dad's dark hair and hazel eyes. (Also, her awkward middle school photos are my favorite considering she's head cheerleader and lead in all the school play/musicals and student government president and first chair in flute and makes all As. Her grade literally created a Kindness Award as part of a no-bullying campaign to give to her. She can handle me squealing at her geeky cuteness in my head.)
  8. Dad
    Always been just so dark and mysterious. But in all truthfulness, he used to have more hair and he rarely has a beard. It was a holiday party protest thing he did last year. And he's drunk in this picture.