Inspired by @originalamericantrt - I figured this would be nice to do today to keep myself optimistic because it's the first day of exams. I have a long week ahead of me!
  1. I woke up and was so comfortable - not only did I not have to set an alarm today, but I was not freezing or super hot!
  2. I had time to wash my hair AND shave because my exam today is not until 3 and there was no rush.
  3. Stephanie at Starbucks made my latte absolutely perfect today (and everyday - I'm going to miss her when I go home to Charlotte when the semester ends).
  4. This "conversation" with the little girl I've babysat for the past six years.
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  5. I got my Secret Santa assignment for the List App Secret Santa!!!
  6. Free late-night exam breakfast!
    Complete with karaoke, free shirts, and professors/faculty serving us. All college students deserve breakfast at 8:30-10:30pm during exam week.
  7. I am completely finished with two of my five classes this semester!
  8. My professor brought coffee and bagels to our exam.
    I couldn't eat the bagels, but he did remember I am gluten free and told me he called all the bakeries he could think of but none have gluten free bagels. It's seriously the thought that counts - what professor remembers a random comment made during a conversation about restaurants from before class one day?
  9. I saw this cool decoration in our student union.
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  10. My best friend and I took time to snuggle in bed together and catch up on The Mindy Project and stalk @mindy's instagram
  11. My mama called!
  12. I'm now in pajamas and am on my third latte of the day and only have one project I need to focus on tonight.