As's last month's: ONE GREAT MOMENT A DAY: MARCH 2016
  1. April 1st, 2016
    I only had one class today and it was over at 8:45am so then I crawled back in bed with my latte and watched Will and Grace for a few hours. It was glorious.
  2. April 2nd, 2016
    I got to sleep in today!!!
  3. April 3rd, 2016
    I discovered these and they taste EXACTLY how I remember the gluten ones to.
  4. April 4th, 2016
    Olivia and I were going to be super early for class so we walked around and looked at/picked flowers and it was so pretty!
  5. April 5th, 2016
    I watched Maggie and Olivia in their organic chem lab today for a little bit and was super amused by everything in that mysterious room.
  6. April 6th, 2016
    I got an 89 on a test I legitimately though I failed! I normally wouldn't be okay with an 89 but in this case I'll take it!
  7. April 7th, 2016
    I got SO much done today. (I feel like I end up putting this one often but considering I usually feel like I'm drowning in work, I'm not going to stop myself.)
  8. April 8th, 2016
    I got the best ice cream ever today, and laid in bed tonight watching The Women and eating it.
  9. April 9th, 2016
    I had a super yummy breakfast today!
  10. April 10th, 2016
    This day was full of relaxation and now I feel super ready to tackle the week.
  11. April 11th, 2016
    I finally got a big presentation out of the way and I feel so relieved!
  12. April 12th, 2016
    I saw Book of Mormon today and loved it!
  13. April 13th, 2016
    We went to the Asheville Art Museum for our art of the young child class today!
  14. April 14th, 2016
    Today is my birthday! I had an amazing day full of people who made me feel so special, so the whole day was a great moment! Picture highlight is my favorite Mexican food ever my best friend treated me to.
  15. April 15th, 2016
    I got a 95 on a quiz I thought I failed today and got to watch the new episode of Orphan Black!
  16. April 16th, 2016
    I had cereal and red wine for dinner and it was exactly what I wanted.
  17. April 17th, 2016
    My friend and I took a cooking class for sensitive digestive system today! We made zucchini pasta with lemon and cashew pesto, roasted cabbage, the best white rice I've ever tasted, mushrooms, miso soup, and tomato egg drop soup (soups not pictured). Everything was so good, and gluten/dairy free!
  18. April 18th, 2016
    I watched His Girl Friday today for the first time in years and had forgotten how much I love it!
  19. April 19th, 2016
    I loved my outfit today and I got quite a few compliments on it!
  20. April 20th, 2016
    My education friends are the best, and even just getting to spend 15 minutes with them outside of class shows me they actually care about me and like spending time with me. It makes me feel happy!
  21. April 21st, 2016
    I redid my to-do list today and felt so excited that the end of the semester is in sight!
  22. April 22nd, 2016
    Olivia, her mom, her mom's friend, and I went to the best Italian place for dinner and I had the best gluten free ziti I've ever had!
  23. April 23rd, 2016
    I talked to my mom for the first time in almost two weeks for almost two hours today and love her so much. 💖
  24. April 24th, 2016
    Olivia and I laughed a lot today.
  25. April 25th, 2016
    I got my student teaching assignment today and I got kindergarten at the same school/grade as two of my classmates! They said we were such a good group that they are starting a new program and we get to be the first to do it and it is all so exciting. We kept comparing the meeting to Christmas!
  26. April 26th, 2016
    I did laundry today. 🎉
  27. April 27th, 2016
    I am officially done with 2/4 classes for my junior year of college!
  28. April 28th, 2016
    I talked to my dad on the phone for over an hour today AND finished my last exam for the semester!
  29. April 29th, 2016
    I saw two of my old teachers today and they bragged on me to their friends at lunch. 😊 (I know I'm a teachers pet don't judge me.)
  30. April 30th, 2016
    My sister surprised me and showed up on my campus today! Not actually to surprise me (she and her friend were in town and wanted to use my bathroom and ask for lunch suggestions here in AVL) but it was cool to know she thought of me.