1. "You know how I feel about cooking, Holl - I don't like to do it."
    My mom when I asked why all we have in the house is fruit and cake
  2. "I'm trying to make cupcakes from a box mix, but I misread 2/3 cup of milk as 2 and 2/3 cup so I'm kinda making up my own recipe now."
    My ten year old sister Liz, making more cake
  3. "Lizzie, you're still a child. Eat as much candy as you can now, I'm not going to limit you. YOLO."
    A+ parenting from my mom
  4. "Well, I started blowing bubbles, then I had to look up if they were a solid, liquid, or gas..."
    My 13 year old sister Jenn when I asked her why she didn't have anything but a title after two hours of trying to write a paper
  5. "Holly, will you take Tim and me Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving again?"
    My 15 year old brother Tommy (talking about my 17 year old brother Timmy)
  6. "Whoever wants to come to church will get $10!"
    My dad
  7. "There's a cat in the bathtub!"