All said within the hour in between my arrival and their bedtime. Ava is 11 and Alexander is 9!
  1. "After you finish this college, are you going to get that pdf thing?"
    Alexander, inquiring about my graduate school/PhD plans
  2. "You know what would be great? If Cindy Lou Who who could sing."
    Ava throwing shade during How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  3. "I told my friends about my crush on him and now they ship us. They keep calling me Java."
    Ava on her crush Joey (the term "ship" was used with total sincerity, btw)
  4. "I'm so glad I'm not a girl. I saw Twilight - there's no way I would be able to have a baby."
    To which I responded: "Well, that baby was half-vampire and clawing through her skin..." Alexander: "Wait, what? I never knew that! So not all pregnancies are like that?"
  5. "You've missed so much. I'm super into goth music now. What do you want me to show you first, 'So Alone' or 'Silent Scream?'"
  6. "My dream of having a teacup pig has been crushed because the homeowner's association has banned all farm animals."
  7. "Ava and I tell our mom all the time that you're our favorite babysitter because you tell us you hate us and play truth or dare with us!"
    Alexander highlighting my strengths in babysitting (in my defense, I've watched these kids for six years now and they tell people I'm their older sister so we're very close)