Inspired by @shanaz. This seemed fun! (And full disclaimer - I have a huge purse so this is ridiculously long.)
  1. This is my purse.
    (There's not really a striped pattern to it, that's just because of the blinds on the window.)
  2. Wallet
    Contains my license, debit card, my nonprofit's debit card, my voter registration card, $15 cash, a few cents from when I paid for my breakfast in cash the other day, a zip ID case holding said change (that sometimes contains my social security card when I forget to be on top of things), my insurance card, a Starbucks gift card, an Ingles rewards card, half a sheet of stamps, some of my business cards, some other people's business cards, and a prayer card from my best friend's funeral.
  3. 2 packets of travel-sized tissues
  4. Sunglasses + Case
  5. Contact case (with a mirror) and emergency contact solution
  6. Glasses cleaner wipes
  7. Wet Ones
    (I'm not a mom, just a slight germaphobe)
  8. Mini homemade first aid kit
    Containing pads, another contact case, floss, bandaids (with and without Neosporin), midol, Advil, hair ties, eyedrops, a throat lozenge, allergy-safe sunscreen, allergy-safe triple antibiotic cream, and tampons when I remember to replace them.
  9. Emergency inhaler
    This was a sample one the doctor gave me and it is the easiest thing ever - and good to have in case I forget my real one.
  10. Umbrella
  11. Phone/iPad screen cleaner
  12. Travel sized lotion, sunscreen, and hand soap I'm not allergic to
  13. 3 different hand sanitizers
  14. Spare headphones
    (Not pictured because I just let my roommate borrow them and didn't want to photograph an empty case)
  15. A sharpie, one of my favorite pens, and a pen that doubles as a stylus that I never use
  16. Some chargers
    The cord to connect it to my phone is currently in my car.
  17. Concealer
  18. Flash drive
  19. Two little books I've been given by friends but have never looked at
  20. A stress soother ointment thing
  21. Extra sunglasses I got free at a college event
    Because the little girls I babysit love going through my purse and if there's not two pairs, they fight over them
  22. Many EOS products my little cousin keeps giving me as gifts
    There's no need for all of these in here, but I always forget to take them out
  23. Mascara
  24. Nail file
  25. Valet key to my car
  26. REAL keys to my car when I'm actually going somewhere
    If I wasn't being so lazy I would find them and show you
  27. List of things I'm allergic to
    It's folded up in a pocket, but I like having it with me in case I need to look up something in the store
  28. Pair of mittens/gloves
  29. Bracelets
    Always in various combinations, I love to wear them but sometimes get so annoyed when I'm driving with them on and forget to take them out.
  30. Chapstick
  31. And of course, my iPhone!