Inspired by @shanaz. This seemed fun! (And full disclaimer - I have a huge purse so this is ridiculously long.)
  1. This is my purse.
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    (There's not really a striped pattern to it, that's just because of the blinds on the window.)
  2. Wallet
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    Contains my license, debit card, my nonprofit's debit card, my voter registration card, $15 cash, a few cents from when I paid for my breakfast in cash the other day, a zip ID case holding said change (that sometimes contains my social security card when I forget to be on top of things), my insurance card, a Starbucks gift card, an Ingles rewards card, half a sheet of stamps, some of my business cards, some other people's business cards, and a prayer card from my best friend's funeral.
  3. 2 packets of travel-sized tissues
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  4. Sunglasses + Case
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  5. Contact case (with a mirror) and emergency contact solution
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  6. Glasses cleaner wipes
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  7. Wet Ones
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    (I'm not a mom, just a slight germaphobe)
  8. Mini homemade first aid kit
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    Containing pads, another contact case, floss, bandaids (with and without Neosporin), midol, Advil, hair ties, eyedrops, a throat lozenge, allergy-safe sunscreen, allergy-safe triple antibiotic cream, and tampons when I remember to replace them.
  9. Emergency inhaler
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    This was a sample one the doctor gave me and it is the easiest thing ever - and good to have in case I forget my real one.
  10. Umbrella
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  11. Phone/iPad screen cleaner
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  12. Travel sized lotion, sunscreen, and hand soap I'm not allergic to
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  13. 3 different hand sanitizers
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  14. Spare headphones
    (Not pictured because I just let my roommate borrow them and didn't want to photograph an empty case)
  15. A sharpie, one of my favorite pens, and a pen that doubles as a stylus that I never use
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  16. Some chargers
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    The cord to connect it to my phone is currently in my car.
  17. Concealer
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  18. Flash drive
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  19. Two little books I've been given by friends but have never looked at
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  20. A stress soother ointment thing
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  21. Extra sunglasses I got free at a college event
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    Because the little girls I babysit love going through my purse and if there's not two pairs, they fight over them
  22. Many EOS products my little cousin keeps giving me as gifts
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    There's no need for all of these in here, but I always forget to take them out
  23. Mascara
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  24. Nail file
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  25. Valet key to my car
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  26. REAL keys to my car when I'm actually going somewhere
    If I wasn't being so lazy I would find them and show you
  27. List of things I'm allergic to
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    It's folded up in a pocket, but I like having it with me in case I need to look up something in the store
  28. Pair of mittens/gloves
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  29. Bracelets
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    Always in various combinations, I love to wear them but sometimes get so annoyed when I'm driving with them on and forget to take them out.
  30. Chapstick
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  31. And of course, my iPhone!