Will prob edit as I find things in my room at home this Christmas break.
  1. This letter I received during a retreat from my best friend who has since passed.
    Cancer is a bitch.
  2. This card one of the kids I babysit made for me when I left for college.
  3. The quilt my grandmother made for me.
    I may not love how it looks or the fact that she made it purple despite me telling her I hate that color ("pink is too babyish, Holly. I'll make it purple and you'll get over it"), but I love that she spent her time making it for me and that she hasn't lost her stubborn personality.
  4. My first (and favorite) cell phone ever.
    I got it in 6th grade because I was starting middle school and thought it was the coolest thing ever.
  5. My American Girl binder from like 2nd grade.
  6. This medicine wheel I made in high school religion class.
    It took so much effort to wrap the metal wheel in leather string I will never not have it displayed somewhere. Plus, it reminds me of my teacher and classmates and I sitting on the floor crafting and spilling secrets. Say what you want about Catholic school, but my experience was nothing but positive and I'll always treasure the bonds religion class allowed me to form. It was our class that taught us how to be people and exist in the world by giving us a safe space to explore our thoughts.
  7. My first diary from first grade, featuring gems such as this.
  8. My high school yearbooks.
    I'm sentimental.
  9. The notes my little sister leaves for me.
    A more recent one was a sticky note that said "Holly - lunch 12:10. Don't be late." It was stuck to the coffee pot because she knew I would see it, but we had had no conversation about me having lunch with her at school at all. But I have to say she's smart, it did make me cancel my plans to have lunch with her.
  10. Every mug I own.
  11. This rock that says "Inspire."
    Super cheesy, but I was given this at a retreat in high school because my group leaders told me I inspired them. It meant a lot at that time, and I like remembering it.