Maybe if I write them down, they're more likely to come true. I look forward to judging myself next December.
  1. Stop eating sugar.
    Basically there already, in that I never crave it and feel bad when I have it anyway. But hopefully by my April birthday I'll be happily sugar free!
  2. Grow closer to my younger sister.
    We're not close at all and I (sadly) don't even think I can honestly call her a friend. We're 16 months apart and are VERY different people, but being so close were raised somewhat as twins until we were old enough to verbalize what we wanted. Unfortunately, we verbalized it by becoming competitive and argumentative and that's never really ended. My other 4 siblings and I are all close and she is close with them as well, so I want to start seeing her how they do and have a relationship with her.
  3. Get my drivers license (finally).
    It's become more of a need now and I think I'm doing pretty well with the whole anxiety thing, so it may be time to put that permit to use and practice some more.
  4. Become more financially secure and independent.
    Self-explanatory - I need to cut myself off from my parents a little more. I'll still accept them buying me groceries when they visit, but it's time for me to pay for more of my own clothes.
  5. Nourish my existing friendships.
    I don't necessarily need more friends right now and I don't think I'm ready to seriously date yet, but there are one or two select people from high school I so desperately want to make time to reconnect with and five or six people now that I live close to (basically live with, for some) but rarely see. I need to be the one to make time for them and invite them to dinner or something because it's not happening otherwise. After college we'll all separate and I need to make the most of this time.
  6. Wear clothes I feel good in, not just leggings and t-shirts because I'm embarrassed about the clothes I like.
    Also self-explanatory. If I spend (or have my parents spend 😬) money on a cute skirt, I need to wear that skirt instead of going with the familiar because I don't want people to notice me or look at me differently. It's just sad and I don't want to be that way anymore.
  7. Drink less lattes.
    Or at least switch to almond milk.
  8. Stop buying craft supplies I don't have an immediate purpose for.
    Especially card stock and stickers. I don't need anymore card stock or stickers for the next ten years.