Feel free to add your own! (Edit - just realized this could also be a "hints" list for my Secret Santa! If you are reading this, you really can't go wrong - just please no food if it's not gluten free, I have celiac disease! And thanks in advance!)
  1. Coffee mugs
    The larger, the better (especially since you can use them as bowls too)!
  2. Stickers
    I can never commit to sticking them on anything, but I'm never disappointed to get more - plus, as an elementary school teacher-to-be, they definitely come in handy.
  3. Nail polish
    The odds of receiving/buying the exact same shade of the exact same brand you already have is so slim it's always worth it
  4. Notebooks
    Rarely use them, love having them and the possibility of using them
  5. Bobby pins
  6. Socks
    Particularly fun/festive ones - I own over 75 pairs and don't regret any of them (especially since I can keep half at home and bring the other half to school with me and not have to bring them back and forth).
  7. BOOKS
    Any kind - I'll read anything (though I can never really get into sci fi or fantasy), even children's literature (I'm studying to be an elementary school teacher, it's not creepy).
  8. Art
    For the walls - I even have a bit of a collection of "childish" art for my future classroom.
  9. Letters
    I love rereading letters I receive from people as far back as elementary school. It always makes me feel special to think about how people took time out of their day to write to me!
  10. Stationary
  11. Tee-shirts!
    Plain ones, striped ones, logo'd, funny, edgy or comfy. Always useful!
    Suggested by @angela3950