Requested by @rob
A work in progress
  1. Hipster kickball at McCarren Park with styrofoam takeout beers from the Turkey's Nest
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  2. All nite salsa dancing at Kokie's place
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  3. Loitering on Bedford Ave when Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) used to work at Ugly Luggage and Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio) used to work at the Verby
  4. Hasid vs hipster night at Tommy's Tavern
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  5. When delivery from Anytime was the only way to get beer, smokes, or food (including the delicious tater tots) after 10pm
  6. Berliniamsburg and Electroclash nights at Luxx
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  7. Northside please hold
  8. Rocket powered bicycle jousting c/o black label bike club outside of absinthe parties featuring The Fall at Asterisk space in Bushwick
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  9. Todd P shows in parking lots and abandoned buildings
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  10. Fischerspooner, libertine, peaches, Larry tee
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  11. All the crazy diy alternative spaces: mighty robot, Dutch mustard factory, asterisk, office ops, rubulad, more
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  12. Strong margaritas, AstroTurf and knife fights at the right bank
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  13. NYC Blackout of 2003 when everyone walked home over the unlit Williamsburg bridge to the roving impromptu street parties and devotion candles and bbqs and jam sessions everywhere all night
  14. When Japanther played 4 nights a week every week in every nook and cranny and closet they could find
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  15. The "defend Brooklyn" campaign
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  16. Ed Droste everywhere
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  17. The constant threat of eviction from your illegally converted warehouse loft that you shared with 4 other people, and the weirdness of I-bankers moving into them solo
  18. When people who weren't Polish, Hasidic, or Latino were the minority, and most of the restaurants were Polish diners
  19. Totally giving up on the L train functioning on the weekends
  20. When cab drivers thought Williamsburg was too dangerous to take you there
  21. L cafe rest in peace
  22. When Terry Richardson was the photo editor of vice