The Worst Things In The World

According to me, a person who's never done taxes before.
  1. The suggestion of a fart that proves to be nothing.
  2. When the first word in a text from your parent is you name followed by an explanation point!
  3. Dropping something under your bed.
  4. Running out of water when you're tucked cozily in your blankets/pillow cocoon and 3/4 asleep.
  5. When your friend ignores you for other people and you don't know why because you're the coolest cat out there.
  6. Waking up.
  7. When you realize you've drank too much and need to be grounded but you're an adult now.
  8. When you hear the "sent" tone for a confrontational text
  9. When wake up feeling fine then slowly ease into a 24-hour hangover
  10. Remembering you're going to be responsible for your taxes one day.