1. It's scary
  2. It takes discipline
  3. I don't believe I have discipline
  4. What time is it? 6:30 in the morning
  5. How cold is it? Freakin' cold like 42 degrees
  6. Where are you? At my writing desk. Whatever.
  7. I have nothing to say
  8. What I have to say scares me (see #1)
  9. I am not working on a project like my life story or a novel
  10. Novels are long
  11. I get distracted
  12. My cats meows. She's meowing now.
  13. I'm not inspired. How do people keep writing when they aren't inspired?
  14. Now my dog is whining
  15. I should be doing yoga first thing in the morning, not writing. Yoga is better for my health.
  16. The poet in me has died
  17. I'm not writing songs and nothing else feels like writing songs
  18. Prose is long
  19. Songs are too noisy to write first thing in the morning. I might wake someone up.
  20. I am not a nightbird writer
  21. Writing is boring
  22. Writing is lonely
  23. Someone might read what I write and comment on it
  24. No one will ever read my writing again
  25. If I write something, I might have to edit it
  26. If I write every day, I might be found out. Someone might catch me living my own life, saying my own words. Now, that would be scary.