I'm a gigantic poser - never have I ever read Marvel comics. But I've seen all the movies and loved Daredevil. I binge watched Jessica Jones the day Netflix released it.
  1. NOIR? Heck yes. Love that she's a PI working out of a rundown NYC apartment. Love the noir soundtrack, the high contrast lighting, and the grungy aesthetics. Not a fan of the narration though.
  2. UNASSUMING FEMALE SUPERHERO? Heck yes. The scene where Jessica and Patsy fight Will Simpson is phenomenal. Thank God they didn't cast another busty sex goddess or play up her gender. Krysten Ritter is perfect. She is who she is and does what she does because that's how it is, not because she's a woman.
  3. DAVID TENANT AS KILGRAVE? Heck yes. Every time the narration gets cheesy or Jessica's romance with Luke feels really really really superficial...Kilgrave makes everything worth it! And Tenant takes the character to 1,000%.