Monday, March 14, 2016
  1. A meme of Ariel's voice being taken by Ursula with the caption "when you've had a few drinks and you feel the hoe coming out"
    Sent to me by my best friend. She said "me af" with it.
  2. #SoLongFarewellTour announcement:(
    RIP Motion City Soundtrack. See you June 3.
  3. Best friend's plans for getting out of work on Thursday so we can go to another St. Pat's parade
  4. A goodnight text I fell asleep before reading
  5. A birthday gift idea for my niece from my sister
    Girl Scouts Cookie Oven. It's 50% off on Cartwheel this week. I offered to buy it at Christmas but my sister told me no. So we'll see.
  6. A long text from a friend explaining drugs he's done.