Getting an oil change and forgot my earbuds. No Netflix for me. This should be a fine distraction.
  1. A very full pot of coffee that was probably brewed at 9 a.m.
  2. Eight chairs that give off a really grimy vibe
  3. A 32-inch television that has a surprisingly clear image
    The sound is decent too, but I'm trying to block it out. "Crime Watch" is on.
  4. Different colored light switch covers
  5. A crookedly-hung frame containing "Motor Vehicle Inspection Checklist"
    Thought the checklist had yellowed with age but turns out it was printed on colored paper. Fancy!
  6. Blue tile and grey walls
  7. Fluorescent lights
  8. A vending machine
    I'm sitting next to/behind it so I don't know if it contains soda or snacks, but I've been coming to Calvert's for two and a half years so I'm pretty positive it's soda.