Not super exciting. Just wanted to recount it.
  1. Saturday morning
    Woke up and got ready with the intention of driving to Bloomington. Plans changed and I instead drove around my own town for a bit and then folded laundry while watching The Office.
  2. Saturday afternoon
    Bought Girl Scout cookies (!!!), spent some time at my sister's house, went to Target twice, and ate way too much of everything.
  3. Saturday night
    Watched more of The Office, then got Starbucks with my best friend and drove around for a little bit.
  4. Sunday morning
    Kept waking up thinking it was noon or later and it was too late to go see Jon. I was wrong each time. Eventually got up at 8:30 and got ready for my drive to Bloomington. Then, drove to Bloomington. Two very boring hours (it's supposed to take three, btw).
  5. Sunday afternoon
    Spent the day with my boy. Got Mexican food (which is turning into "our thing"), drove around his town for a while, contemplated seeing a movie but went to Fusion Brew and the mall instead. Ran into two of his best friends there and it was kind of awkward. Eventually ended up back at his house laying in his room watching The Office.
  6. Sunday night
    Stayed entirely too late at Jon's, but neither of us cared. We enjoy each other's company. Got gas (it was $0.30 more expensive there than here at home!), got McDonald's (they had root beer on the fountain!!), and reluctantly drove home (it was ridiculously windy!!!).