I think about this way too often.
  1. Unconditional
  2. Evergreen
  3. Considering going out to run errands but just climbing back in bed because you'd rather be too warm next to him than too cold next to a stranger
  4. Sleeping late and making waffles
  5. Kisses in any given aisle at Target
  6. Hugs from behind when you're reading the nutrition facts on a box of Cheez-Its
  7. Slow-dancing in the living room
  8. Flowers just because
  9. Kisses just because
  10. Surprising him with food at work when you know he's too busy to take a real lunch break
  11. Leaving sweet voicemails while he's on a flight
  12. Good morning and goodnight texts
  13. Giving up the rest of your drink because he's got a sore throat and doesn't have a drink of his own and you can get another root beer anywhere
  14. Listening to his music and knowing he's trying not to belt it out even though it's his favorite song off the album
  15. Picking up the check because he only has a $100 bill and he loves to carry big bills because it makes him feel important.